A Brilliant Idea = A Whole Lot of Work!

I’ve had my nose to the proverbial grindstone for the past nine months or so and the “baby” will be born soon. Expect triplets at the very least.

First Up

The Puppy Baby Book is my top seller. It has taken an entire year to figure out how people could take their puppy baby book with them and show people their puppy book pages of information and cute puppy pictures on their phones and tablets.

I can hear you all squawking, “just make an app!”

That’s what I thought and I pursued that avenue. Lucky for me, the team I chose to work with were not good at communicating so I cancelled the contract that was never signed to begin with.

Then, as luck would have it, I met a programmer that steered me away from the phone app direction.


Think about it. If you change phone types (Android to iPhone, etc.), you’re going to lose all that data because operating systems do not shake hands and share. So my programmer advised me to create a Web app.

He explained that people would be able to log into the website through any browser, fill in book information, upload pictures, and BINGO! they can show their book to anyone anywhere through any internet connection!

The Puppy Baby Book Web App will be available by the end of spring 2015. Expect more details on this very soon.


I’ve had inquiries for years from cat people who felt insulted that I did not have a Kitten Baby Book. I have put this into action people!

I recently hired an incredible artist who lives in the south (US) and she is doing a bang-up job! How I wish I had met her a decade ago, but she would have been too young :-) without the experience.

The Kitten Baby Book will not be a hard-cover book like The Puppy Baby Book. It will be a web app which also gives the subscriber the option of printing their book, so all is not lost — in fact as I see it, it is a huge gain.

The book isn’t stuck on your coffee table. It will be in your phone or tablet, laptop or desktop. If you print it, it WILL be on your coffee table! But with the web app, you can show anyone everything at any time you have an internet connection.

The entire book series will be completed within the next year. The next book in the series is My New Home (one for dogs and one for cats) who were adopted off the street, from a rescue organization, a shelter, or by any other means where the animal was abandoned.

Following My New Home will be Senior Dog/Senior Cat (one for each), In Memory Of (one for dogs, one for cats), and Working Dog.

Third Project

Remember the budget program I presented at the library in January and February 2015? I am in the process of creating a Teleseminar followed by a full program of How to Create a True Household Budget with a Focus on Eliminating Debt.

The library program was so successful and people learned so much that I can’t wait to bring this to a larger audience.

More information on the budget program will be coming very soon.

That’s it for now. Going to be cooking (food, not ideas, but ideas will most likely come via cooking).

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