And then…

Mercury retrograde brings craziness. It’s a fact. Communication and electronics seem to go whacko without even blinking an eye. Be prepared to hear the sucking noise out of your checkbook, debit or credit card because you’re going to have to replace/repair something.

I know it has been months since my last communication, but life has been full of work, work and more work. There has been a difficult time between balancing the day job that pays for all of my creative projects and actually doing any creative projects.

Finally, after almost 20 years, I took a paid vacation. Went to a class reunion then visited both of my boys on the east coast and met their significant other’s and their families for the very first time.

Had a wonderful trip. Spent 3 days with my childhood friend Billy (CT & MA), 3 days with George (youngest son) (NY), and 3 days with Brandon (oldest son) (PA).  What a blast. Saw the Catskill mountains — totally awesome! Saw all things historical in Philly. Saw old classmates I hadn’t seen in too many decades. Awesome.

Then I came home.

Within moments of stepping outside of baggage claim at Hobby airport, (1) luggage handle on giant suitcase broke, (2) allergies/sinuses attacked like starving wolves to the feast. By the time I got home my throat was raw, head was stopped up and I was exhausted.

Unpacked and put things away. Midnight, my big black cat, smelled George’s kitties. He immediately jumped in the opened suitcase which was 3/4 empty by this time, and proceeded to pee on what was left.

What can you do? I was gone for 9 days and he felt like I cheated on him with those other cats. I gathered up the clothes and dumped them into the washer. Then wiped the pee from the suitcase interior. Since the handle was broken beyond repair, I rolled that baby out to the garage where it will go bye-bye Thursday via heavy trash pickup.

Next, I go to the kitchen, which was somewhat messy. I loaded the dishwasher to the brim, added soap and pressed the button. Something wasn’t kosher… I didn’t hear water going into the dishwasher.

By this time I was a walking zombie so shut the dishwasher door, heated some soup then stumbled to bed.

Next day (Sunday), the day I was supposed to be resting and recuperating from the trip, I spent an hour washing dishes by hand.

Fast forward through the week. I called the home warranty people and set an appointment for the dishwasher for Friday. My schedule was for 4-8 p.m.!

Are you serious? Who sends someone out on a service call after 4 on a Friday?

The guy showed up at 7:30 and was in the house for about six minutes — took the panel off under the door, pressed a switch. Bingo, water flowed inside. $60. I’d be very happy earning $10/minute. I’ll talk to my boss on Monday.

So, this weekend I have been preparing two different projects for web/app developers. The first required some simple measurements along with sending the programmer my specific fonts.

Since my Windows crash last month, I have had a very difficult time finding things. My special fonts were hidden really well. Took me yesterday and today to find them. What’s that all about? Why is Mercury screwing with my fonts? Doesn’t he have anything more interesting to do? And that’s not the end of the font business. They wouldn’t install on my computer!

I discovered that not only do you have to unzip the folder, but they have to be totally extracted into another folder before Windows will install them. Really? Why not make it even more difficult? I finally got them installed on my computer, then sent them to the developer.

Then, the bigger project required that I sent the recreated files that took a graphic artist two months to restore and rename last year from a series of very old CDs. I searched through every folder on my PC. Then I searched through my Dropbox files and folders. Then I had to go to Carbonite and dig around.

Got the files. What a relief! Then I couldn’t open them! My Adobe Photoshop Elements program was not installed anymore due to the crash and burn with Windows. I just now found the very old version (6/02)!! It barely cranked open and installed, but it worked and I verified all 80 files.

So, this is my “And Then” story. Now that it is Sunday afternoon and I’m all riled up, I have to eat something and try to relax.

Can I have another weekend?

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