Are You Thinking About Adopting a Puppy?

Adopting a puppy is a big step and a huge responsibility. Puppies are like
infants and you will be the parent. Think about what that would entail: feeding, comforting a puppy who misses his canine mother and siblings, or who gets scared during a storm or is afraid of loud noises, training, grooming, taking the puppy outside to go potty several times a day (and maybe into the night), doctoring when the puppy gets sick, and of course playing with him.

Should you Adopt from a Shelter, Rescue or Breeder?

There are a lot of choices when it comes time to adopt a puppy. Are you thinking about a specific breed? Are you going to contact a breed-specific rescue group? What about the local animal shelter? Does your area have adoption days at a local pet store in conjunction with an animal shelter or rescue group? Consider using The Shelter Pet Project to find a shelter or rescue group to adopt your puppy.

When to Adopt a Puppy

You’ve made the decision. Everyone is on board. You know what breed. You’ve decided on a boy or a girl – maybe even siblings! Now you’re off to adopt the little pup. Hopefully, you have done the research and are going to adopt from a reliable source, and not a puppy mill.Puppies should not be separated from their mother or siblings before they are two months old—later if at all possible.

Bringing the New Puppy Home

Oh, yay! Today’s the day! The breeder, shelter or rescue has approved your application! You have a travel crate, a harness or collar, a leash, maybe even a small toy for your new puppy.The house is prepared. You have puppy-proofed your place to the best of your ability. You have made sure that all cabinets or doors where you have household cleaners and chemicals are secured, and those products are out of reach.

Caring for your new puppy

Your cutie pie is home and everyone is in love with him. If you haven’t had a family meeting prior to the puppy’s arrival, now is a good time to gather everyone to discuss the caring of the furry baby before he is let loose to explore. If you have young children, make sure they don’t fight over who gets to hold and play with the puppy first. And make sure they don’t roughhouse with the puppy—that will send a negative message to the puppy that playing rough is okay.

Praise Your Puppy!

Praise reinforces a job well done. When it comes to measuring your puppy’s attention span think of it as the size of a fruit fly. Tiny, tiny, tiny. Everything distracts him and pulls him off course from any lessons. So when your little puppy does something he is supposed to, sing high praises. He will be so excited you’re happy he will associate what he did with that praise. And we all love it when our little doggies get all wiggly, waggie, and smiley.

Puppy potty training 101

Raising and training a puppy is not so different than raising one of your own children. Of course, if you have never had a child, never babysat for nieces and nephews, neighbors or your best friends baby, you don’t have that experience. What it boils down to is being consistent, using the same language (commands), and not bullying the puppy when mistakes happen.

Is Your Puppy Biting?

If your puppy has been separated from his mother and littermates too soon, he will not have learned some important basics, so it is up to you to help him through these trials. The ideal time to adopt a puppy is when they are over two months old. Three months is better and four months is best. The litter teaches them when they are too rough in their play time, and it is best that the littermates complain about and take action when those sharp puppy teeth bite too hard.

Who’s in charge?

When that little puppy is new to your family, regardless whether it’s just you, or a family of four humans, and/or other dogs and cats, that new little puppy is cute no matter what he does. However, it needs to be established who is in charge—you, or that furry ball of energy, from the onset of the relationship so he knows who is the boss.

You are the Alpha in your pack

Do not take this subject lightly. Puppies grow up into dogs. Dogs need leadership and guidance so they understand when their behavior is no longer appropriate. Any dog in your household that does not accept you as the Pack Leader, or Alpha, is going to be difficult to handle somewhere down the line.

You are the Alpha, Part II

Make no mistake about it, that cute ball of fur will challenge you on many occasions. It will be imperative that you assert that you are the boss and what you say goes. Wild dogs and wolf packs are great examples of how order should be established in your household. There is only one Alpha and he is the boss.

Older adopted puppy’s bad habits

If you have adopted an older puppy (4-10 months old) from a shelter or rescue, he may have lived with someone who did not know what was involved in raising a puppy. A lot of people do not understand that it takes time and patience to train a puppy. Therefore, they are responsible for their puppy’s bad habits. If they were too busy to raise this new puppy correctly, with good manners, you end up with their brat. Don’t despair. Everyone can learn new skills, even puppies.

Three Life Saving Commands

Your puppy is your pride and joy. He’s a bundle of kisses and a waggly fur ball and you love him. You are his human parent and he relies on you to provide all of his survival necessities: food, water, shelter and training to keep him safe from life’s hazards. Puppies are like toddlers. They unaware of the simple dangers around them in their everyday existence so you need to step up and take command so your bundle of joy is protected.

Choking Hazards

For some people, their dog is their only companion or family member. A cherished pal to share moments of joy, sadness, or adventure with. Sometimes we get complacent when thinking of the risks to our beloved pets. It only takes one accident to change everything, especially when it could have been avoided.It is difficult to think that so many everyday items can end up being a hazard for your doggy. Like infants, choking hazards are a dog’s worst nightmare.

Protecting Your Puppy from Poisons

Every year thousands of pets get sick or die from common household products that are highly poisonous.You have to be very cautious because what may be safe for you could kill your puppy. Medication, certain foods, plants, insecticides, and household cleaners are dangerous, even lethal for your puppy.

How old is my doggy?

Growing up I was always told that if I wanted to know how old my dog was in people years, just take their age and X 7. My dog Shasta died four days before her 17th birthday. That would have made her just shy of 119 years old. A doggie centenarian!But now, the calculations are much more scientific, being based not only on years, but size and weight. Shasta’s age would now be calculated to 92 years old – still pretty darn old.

Is my Puppy Deaf?

Your little snuggly bundle of joy is learning his way around the house, and understanding your ways, and what is expected of him. Not only can puppies be goofy, they can test you. Sometimes, when they want something, or want to do something right then and there, and you are not cooperating, they take matters into their own paws.

Could There be Bugs and Mold in Your Puppy Kibble?

It’s all about the storage of kibble. Who knew that if you kept that kibble in the bag it came home in, you would be contributing to mite and mold problems?Some of the problem is the bag itself. Those paper-type kibble bags do nothing to protect the food from humidity, heat, bug or rodent infestations. That’s where mold and mites come into play. The bags can’t be properly sealed once they are opened. Even using a big clip or a clothespin doesn’t keep out the bugs. Mites are microscopic. They can get into a rolled-down, clipped bag.

Vacation Dangers

Your puppy is your furry child and there is no way you would ever knowingly endanger your precious bundle of joy. But hazards are out there that you have never even thought of. So, pay attention when you take a weekend vacation, or any getaway with your family.

When They Leave Us

One of the most heart-wrenching experiences is when something happens to our beloved companion animal. Whether they get lost, stolen, orthey pass awayfrom old age, disease, or an accident—it makes no difference the cause—the grief we experience can be so deep it can be incapacitating.

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